Warranty & claims

SCALE Suspension products are covered by a 2 year limited warranty from purchase date. This limited warranty apply to customer, are not transferable and original proof of purchase may be required for confirmation. See all warranty details under contact form.



2 year limited warranty

SCALE Suspension provide a 2 year limited warranty to the original purchaser that cover and ensure the product will be free from defects in workmanship and material when properly used on the application they have been designed for, under normal operating conditions. Failure, under normal use and proper maintenance and adjustment as suggest by SCALE in the instruction guide are covered under certain conditions. Customer should be able to give accurate diagnostic and proof of the exact failure (pictures, videos or report from a certified workshop) or SCALE Suspension may require to have the parts returned for inspection and repair. Replacement parts and rebuild labors are covered but shipping fees may be covered by the customer except for certain situations at SCALE Suspension discretion. In the eventuality customer gave enough information and proof so we can confirm the failure with no further investigation, SCALE suspension reserve the right of sending the part at no charge if no return are requested or charge a deposit that will be refunded in full or partially once the faulty part is returned .


Please fill this form and tell us about your case by adding all information needed.


This Warranty does not apply to products that have been improperly installed, used, applied or adjusted/maintained following instructions supplied with the suspension. Warranty does not apply if damage or failure is caused but not limited by accident, abnormal or commercial use, misuse, alteration, incorrect installation or improper maintenance or installation tools or procedure that could result in any kind of damage. Modified, customized or painted product without first notifying SCALE Suspension may void the warranty. Failure caused by customization of the product, such as using stiffer or softer springs on a version not designed for, or combining components from another suspension to offer different adjustment range , are not covered. Seizure of the lower mount and collars and surface rust are not covered as ways to prevent them are suggested in the instruction guide. Abnormal rust we can confirm results of incorrect coating will be covered under certain conditions and as long as no heat/fire or chemical liquid contact marks are present. Warranty does not apply for cosmetic damage including but not limited to scratches/dents, normal wear and tear and normal aging of the product. Shock boots, rubber bushings and neglected top mount pillow ball are considered as a wear and tear items and are excluded from any type of warranty. Products not purchased from SCALE Suspension or authorized dealers / distributors or sold below MAP policy are not warrantied.


The customer will be responsible for the removal cost, loss of use of the product, loss of time for any repair or part replacement under warranty. SCALE suspension and his authorized dealer may not be held responsible of any repair or installation labor, damage, inconvenience, commercial loss, loss of money caused by the product or any type of failure. SCALE suspension reserve the right to change, modify or discontinue the design of any products previously manufactured without any obligation to the customer. Customer touched by a discontinued product and in need of replacement will receive the new product design if under warranty but SCALE suspension is not responsible for pair of any product if only a single product has an issue. Other part of a pair can be offered at a discounted price if customer want to replace a pair. SCALE Suspension reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.


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