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The pro-drift series system is specially designed for drifting competition. It use specific valving configuration to improve control, weight transfer and grip. High quality seals and guides combined with synthetic racing shock fluid ensure performance and precision in extreme operating conditions.

Specific shaft and body length are used to allow the use of longer/softer springs on the rear and helper springs on the front if needed to give precise and optimal handling control and grip. Spring rate and matched valving are decided based on your exact setup (car modification, angle kit, power and competition level).

The pro-drift system is optionally available with swift springs , in 2-way (with adjustable external reservoir) and/or inverted macpherson design.

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With a strategic view of trying to offer the largest possibility of configuration and customization features, we know that our product can be adjusted for each customer’s exact needs but understand that this can also become confusing when trying to convert a vision in an actual result. That’s why our sales team, together with our tech team when needed, are the person you need to contact if you want to make sure you’ll order the best configuration to get the expected result from your coilover system. Choose any additional option below on your pro-drift suspension.

Front camber plate


Rear Pillow



$350 USD

External 2-Way Canister

$1000 USD

Custom Spring Rate

Free Of Charge

Bearing Gravitational


Stainless Steel Hardware

$45 USD

Custom Spring Color

$165 USD

Quality Material

We only work with quality material and finish, and precise machining tolerance to ensure the product will stay strong and precise for many season at a grassrooth or competitive level

Aluminum forged

All 6061t6 aluminum components are forged, cnc (computer numerically controlled) machined and then anodized to prevent any form of corrosion

Swift Springs

With a reputation that precedes it, Swift Springs emphasizes the importance of material and manufacturing in addition to spring rates, and has supplied championship teams in world-class races. Available in option ($).

Monotube design

Mono-tube suspension separates gas and oil chambers for optimal damping. Exposed cylinder shell allows for better heat dissipation and sensitive damping adjustments, maintaining high performance.

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