Innovative Series
Our street variant of a coilover suspension system

Find and customize your perfect coilover now.


Inspired from racing, customizable for any type of street use, spirited driving, show cars or light track use.

The innovative series is available in 3 different version (Regular, Low or Extreme low).The modular conception of the coilover allow to adjust ride height of the vehicle without affecting the spring preload and shock travel. Moreover, the damping force can be easily adjusted to increase the performance of the valving in order to deal with different road types, conditions or comfort needs.

This suspension system, together with our different version and options, provides everything you need to enjoy your car, no matter the needs you can have.


Options & customizations


Regular Version

Comfort Level
Ride Height
Ride Height
≈ 0 to -3″

The regular version is the mostly used configuration. It is designed to gives approximately 3 inch of adjustment range from stock ride height.

In default configuration, the spring rate used is the best to keep a close to OEM comfort level while improving handling performance and reducing suspension travel. It can also be customized with different spring rate for spirited driving or occasional track use. Regular version is normally designed to reach up to a tire to fender fitment at minimum ride height setting


Low Version

Comfort Level
Ride Height
Ride Height
≈ -1 to -4.5″

Our low version is ideal for more tight fitment and larger wheels. The 15-20% stiffer spring rate used significantly reduce the suspension travel to prevent rubbing issues when you plan to ride pretty low, tuck the tires or use aggressive offset where the wheel poke out of the fender. It’s still comfortable for street use but certainly feels a bit sportier.

The low version use components to give 1 to 1.5 extra inch of drop compared to the regular version of the same application. This means the tire can be partially hidden into the fender at lowest setting but will stay 1-1.5 inch lower than factory ride height when adjusted at highest setting.


Extreme Low Version

Comfort Level
Ride Height
Ride Height
≈ -3 to -6″

Extreme low version is mainly for show cars, static fitment, aired-out style and setups requiring close to no suspension movement. The comfort level vary depending the used spring rate but it certainly feel stiff and a bit bouncy.

This version is always customized to each customer needed ride height and fitment. We have no default spring rate for this application so you can already have your rate in mind or ask our sales team to help you figure the best spring rate for your wheels/ride height combo. Some application can use our stiffer SCALE springs but most will also require Swift springs to get the needed spring rate and length for the asked fitment.


With a strategic view of trying to offer the largest possibility of version and customization features, we know that our product can be made for each customer’s exact needs but understand that this can also become confusing when trying to convert a vision in an actual result. That’s why our sales team , together with our tech team when needed, are the person you need to contact if you want to make sure you’ll order the best configuration to get the expected result from your coilover system.

Camber plate

Allow to easily adjust front camber back to manufacturer specification after lowering your car or add more camber if your wheel specs cause minor rubbing issues.

Pillowball Top Mount

Can be used on heavy cars or extreme low setup where the geometry of the suspension may cause excessive wear of the rubber bushing normally used.

Gravitational Bearing

Add a stainless steel sealed bearing between the spring and the camber plate to ensure easy rotation of the shock and reduce stress on the springs when turning the steering wheel.

Stainless Hardware

Can be used on heavy cars or extreme low setup where the geometry of the suspension may cause excessive wear of the rubber bushing normally used.

Swift Springs

Made in Japan with the best alloy and manufacturing process to ensure precision, consistency and durability (superior rust resistance), these springs are mainly used on racing applications but also now on many street setup.

Custom Spring Rate

Custom spring rate are always possible on any application that use linear springs to fit different needs. Spring rates and length vary depending on the application.

Custom Spring Color

Personalize your suspension while giving an additional protection to the spring by adding an extra coat of powder coating paint. 

Black Lock Rings

As our suspension are using black threaded shock body, spring and upper/lower mounts, the black lock ring option gives to your coilover a sleeker / “factory” look.

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