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Get Swift Springs and Step Up your Suspension Game

SWIFT バネ定数特性,  Suspension With Intelligence From Tohatsu, from Japan has been making the best springs in the market. They are well known in the motor sports field for being involved in multiple great races since 1998. In 2004, Team Goh Audi R8 won 1st place at the world-renowned Le Mans 24hrs race on Swift Springs.


Swift Springs are high-performance coil springs that are designed to improve a car’s handling and performance. They are made from a proprietary steel alloy that is stronger and lighter than traditional spring materials, which allows them to be more responsive and provide better feedback to the driver. Swift Springs are also designed to resist sagging and fading over time, which ensures consistent performance throughout their lifespan.

Swift Springs come in a wide range of spring rates, lengths, and diameters, which makes them suitable for a variety of applications. They can be used to lower a car’s ride height, stiffen its suspension, and improve its handling in corners and over bumps. Swift Springs are a popular choice among car enthusiasts, racers, and professional drivers who demand the best performance from their vehicles.



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