Become a dealer

To become a wholesale reseller of our products you first must be a registered automotive performance business.

SCALE reserves the right to accept or decline an application at our own discretion. Once your account has been approved, you will have discounted prices on our website. Please allow up to 48 business hours for account verification and wholesale discount setup.

DIVE in!

Interested? The first step is to fill in an applcication form.

Price Wars Are Lose-Lose Situations

Price wars may win you sales and improve your conversion rate, but ultimately you won’t make much profit. Drastically dropping your prices to compete is a shortcut that is incredibly harmful to your business.

There’s no reason to take part in price warfare of any kind.

Even if you sell the product, you could be selling at a loss, leaving you with no product and no money.

So this is why we don’t offer any MAP price and obligate all retailer to sell the same price (Retail Price) without any reduction. We are very strict and we usually verify all our reseller and we can send a “mystery” email or call and check if you sell the right price. So that’s why it’s a good advantage to sell our products in your store. It levels the retail playing field and can curb price wars.

RETAIL PRICE violations can result in a terminated relationship and we close your reseller account.


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