The pro-drift series coilover is specially designed for drifting competition and track days. It use specific valving configuration to improve control, weight transfer and grip. Offering track oriented upgrade, this series is always built on order based on your exact car specifications and competition level. If you don’t already have a spring rate or configuration in mind, our sales team will be here to assist you in finding the best setup to really get the result you were looking for. 

US$ 1 545.00 +tx

Springs upgrade *

Keep default spring rate from the selected version. The spring rate for is version is selected to keep optimal comfort and prevent rubbing in the drop range each version offer.
We can change the spring rates and damping based on your needs. Scale don't have as many length and rate as Swift springs so make sure the asked spring rate is possible with your selected version. If you have specific needs but have no spring rate in mind, please email us. (No additional costs)
(+US$ 417.15)
Made in Japan with high quality material, Swift offer a large range of rate and size. Well known for the precision of their rates in racing or large range of crazy rates in short springs for extreme fitment, these are top of the line in linear springs. This option may be needed on some extreme low version. Email us for additional information on the rate to fit your needs.

2-Way external adjuster

(+US$ 401.70)
This option add an external canister on the rear shocks to lower internal temperature of the shock by having more fluid. This canister have a second damping knob allowing separate adjustment of low and high speed damping.
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Get it just right!

Wanna make sure what is the right product configuration for you?

About this coilover

The SCALE TOYOTA SUPRA 93-97 PRO-DRIFT SERIES COILOVER coilover is fully adjustable and customizable to fit each customer's needs.

This coilover suspension upgrade is designed to get optimal performance for any drift cars. The drift specific dampers working along with customizable spring rate will ensure to have optimal grip and control based on your car's specs and modifications. Available upgrade allow you to built your suspension to match with the competitive level, budget and goal.

Our patented scaled system design allows easier and more precise adjustment and ensures easy adjustment for corner weight and equal height on each corner. Each shock is equipped with 24 levels of dampening adjustment to fine-tune the valving efficiency and quickly add or remove grip to adjust to the next opponent.

The Part : TY29-DF coilover shocks are handcrafted and assembled to your specs at SCALE facilities.

This double-wishbone front configuration does not allow the use of a camber plate, as the shock is not directly connected to the wheel. Camber adjustment is only possible with adjustable control arms. We do include pillowball mounted upper shock mounts to ensure precise connection with the chassis and to not be that much affected by angle kit that move the lower mounting point of the shock.

Spring rate can be adjusted to work perfectly with your engine swap , angle kit geometry or if you run with or without front sway bar to get optimal handling control and avoid understeer. Most spring rate will require the use of helper springs to ensure constant contact of the front tire with the ground. These helper springs are included free of charge when needed on any Pro series.

Our Pro-Drift series default spring rate is based on factory engine and small angle kit not impacting that much the geometry of the suspension. If you don't already have your desired spring rate in mind and have modifications or aim for a competitive level, please contact us to get some help figuring our the best spring rate before ordering a set that may not give the results you are looking for. Spring rate and shock valving are really important in drifting, that's why we always prefer to discuss with the customer to make sure he will get what he was looking for or have a set that will keep up with the future plans for the car. 

We can always customize the spring rate and shock length to fit your exact setup and competition level. The angle kit geometry, engine size and horsepower, rear suspension geometry (grip kit) and other chassis modification directly impact the best spring rate to get the results you are looking for. Unless you already have a spring rate in mind, we strongly recommend to contact our team to make sure we build a suspension precisely made for your car and needs.

Feel free to email our sales for any specific needs so they can help you figure out the best configuration for you.


Additional information

Weight 49 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 26 in

Aluminium Type

Anodized Body




Body Diameter

Default Spring Color

Internal Design

Number of Valving Selections

Powdercoated Body

Pressurized Charge

Shock Oil Type

Timeframe for Delivery





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Suspension Type Front

Suspension Type Rear



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