Our Alpine Series is the best choice to keep the comfort of your exotic/sport car without affecting its value. This suspension system provides performance without sacrificing comfort; it provides everything you need to enjoy driving your car on the street or at the track. It can also be a good alternative to replace a costly factory suspension.

The Alpine Series has been designed to work in harmony with Swift springs, but we do offer to order them with regular SCALE springs to work with different budgets.

US$ 1 495.00 +tx

Version *

The regular version is the mostly used configuration. It is designed to gives approximately 3 inch of adjustment range from stock ride height on most application. In default configuration, the spring rate used is the best to keep a close to OEM comfort level while improving handling performance and reducing suspension travel. It can also be customized with different spring rate for spirited driving or occasional track use. Regular version is normally designed to reach up to a tire to fender fitment at the lowest ride height setting.
Our low version is ideal for a tighter fitment and larger wheels. The 15-20% stiffer spring rate used significantly reduce the suspension travel to prevent rubbing issues when you plan to ride pretty low, tuck the tires or use aggressive offset where the wheel poke out of the fender. It’s still comfortable for street use but certainly feels a bit sportier. The low version use components to give 1 to 1.5 extra inch of drop compared to the regular version of the same application. This means the tire can be partially hidden into the fender at lowest setting but will stay 1-1.5 inch lower than factory ride height when adjusted at highest setting.

Camber Plates *

It allow to easily adjust front camber back to manufacturer specification after lowering your car or add more camber if your wheel specs cause minor rubbing issues. Adjustment range vary depending of the design used for each application.

Gravitational Bearing *

Add a bearing between the camber plate and the spring

(+US$ 119.60)
This option, made to be used with camber plates, allow the strut to turn freely when turning the wheels. It reduce the friction normally applied to the camber plate spherical bearing and and will ensure smooth operation for longer. The sealed bearing is made of stainless steel for corrosion resistance.

Springs Selection *

Use high quality Scale black springs to reduce the cost of your Alpine series
(+US$ 313.95)
Made in Japan with high quality material, Swift offer the most precise and comfortable spring. Well known for their racing achievements, these are top of the line in linear springs.

Springs Color *

Powdercoating colour options for your springs. Color mixes are made on order so allow 1-2 additional weeks to have them done.

Default Black Color
Color swatch image
Root Beer (+US$ 165.00)
Color swatch image
Bloody Lips (+US$ 165.00)
Color swatch image
Ghost Grey (+US$ 165.00)
Color swatch image
Beach Ball Blue (+US$ 165.00)
Color swatch image
Illusion Purple (+US$ 165.00)
Color swatch image
Gold Digger (+US$ 165.00)
Color swatch image
Jamaican Teal (+US$ 165.00)
Color swatch image
Hot Rod Orange (+US$ 165.00)
Color swatch image
New York Yellow (+US$ 165.00)
Color swatch image
Firecracker Red (+US$ 165.00)
Color swatch image
Polar White (+US$ 165.00)
Color swatch image
Lollypop Lime (+US$ 165.00)
Color swatch image
Neon Yellow (+US$ 165.00)
Color swatch image
Custom Color (+US$ 200.00)
Order total:
Get it just right!

Wanna make sure what is the right product configuration for you?

About this coilover

The 1994-1997 Porsche 911 RWB specific Alpine Series Coilover is designed to achieve a perfect balance of street comfort and increased performance even with the increased track width and the change in the suspension geometry. We have designed this suspension directly on an RWB Porsche to find the perfect spring rate and shock valving to perfectly balance the car, adding suspension performance while maintaning the comfort level people are asking behind the wheel of a Porsche. This suspension system allows you to easily adjust your ride height while increasing handling performance.

Front camber adjustable top mount and gravitational bearing are included on this Alpine series to offer complete adjustability and ensure smooth-running suspension.

The monotube design configuration, added to the completely threaded body result in a fully adjustable long lasting suspension. As the ride height is set by the overall shock length, the spring preload, comfort level and suspension travel remains the same at any ride height setting compared to other suspension where the ride height is set by the spring seat, resulting in reducing the allowed travel as you lower the ride height.

The PS03-AS-RWB is offered in only 1 version as the body kit require to stay in a certain range of ride height to prevent the wheels from hitting the front bumper when turning the steering wheel. You can still adjust the coilover to get a clean fitment without always rubbing the front lip on the ground or set it lower to have most part of the tire hidden into the fender and scrape the road with the rubber lip.

This application use a front macpherson suspension configuration. Camber adjustable plates are included to set the wheel alignement to factory specs after lowering your car.

The rear multilink configuration means that the shock have no direct impact on the wheel alignment. The 911 have some camber and toe adjustment with eccentric bolt but if you significantly lower your car or want more adjustment, fully adjustable rear control arms are offered by different brands.


If you also want a front lift system to go over obstacle, we do offer an air pressure activated system designed for our coilover to less affect the available stroke of the strut compared to generic coilover lift system. Check our Hybrid series product line to learn more about this lifting system that can be added on your coilover suspension. Please note that , same as for the available ride height, the front bumper configuration don’t allow to turn the wheel at full lock when lifted so we recommend to be careful if you need to turn the wheels when the air cups are activated.

We can always customize the spring rate and shock length to fit your exact needs on this application.

All our Alpine series use stainless hardware, to ensure the suspension look like new for years,  Alpine series specific internal components and fluid and 24 dampening level to fine tune the comfort level/valving efficiency where you want it to be .

Feel free to email our sales for any specific needs so they can help you figure out the best configuration for you.


Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 26 in



, , ,

Suspension Type Front

Suspension Type Rear

Aluminium Type

Default Spring Color

Powdercoated Body

Anodized Body

Body Diameter

Internal Design

Shock Oil Type

Pressurized Charge





Timeframe for Delivery



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