The Innovative Series is the best choice for street use, spirited driving and occasional track use. This coilover suspension provides improved performance while keeping really good comfort; it offers everything you need to enjoy driving your car. The regular default version is designed to allow you to adjust the ride height from OEM to approximately 3 inches lower. It also keeps the comfort level close to OEM ride quality., coilover

US$ 1 195.00 +tx


The regular version is the configuration available on this product due to suspension configuration or specific shaped springs. It is designed to gives approximately 3 inch of adjustment range from stock ride height on most application. The spring rate used is the best to keep a close to OEM comfort level while improving handling performance and reducing suspension travel. Custom spring rate is not offered on this application due to the specific shaped spring. Regular version is normally designed to reach up to a tire to fender fitment at the lowest ride height setting.

Camber Plates

It allow to easily adjust front camber back to manufacturer specification after lowering your car or add more camber if your wheel specs cause minor rubbing issues. Adjustment range vary depending of the design used for each application.

Gravitational Bearing

Add a bearing between the camber plate and the spring

(+US$ 95.60)
This option, made to be used with camber plates, allow the strut to turn freely when turning the wheels. It reduce the friction normally applied to the camber plate spherical bearing and and will ensure smooth operation for longer. The sealed bearing is made of stainless steel for corrosion resistance.

Springs upgrade

Spring customization and swift spring upgrade only apply on the linear springs of this application. Swift upgrade cost is for 2 springs. Specific shaped springs are not available in different rate and length.

Keep default spring rate from the selected version. The spring rate for is version is selected to keep optimal comfort and prevent rubbing in the drop range each version offer.
We can change the spring rates and damping based on your needs. Scale don't have as many length and rate as Swift springs so make sure the asked spring rate is possible with your selected version. If you have specific needs but have no spring rate in mind, please email us. (No additional costs)
(+US$ 155.35)
Made in Japan with high quality material, Swift offer a large range of rate and size. Well known for the precision of their rates in racing or large range of crazy rates in short springs for extreme fitment, these are top of the line in linear springs. This option may be needed on some extreme low version. Email us for additional information on the rate to fit your needs.

Springs Color

Powdercoating colour options for your springs. Color mixes are made on order so allow 1-2 additional weeks to have them done.

Default Black Color
Color swatch image
Root Beer (+US$ 165.00)
Color swatch image
Bloody Lips (+US$ 165.00)
Color swatch image
Ghost Grey (+US$ 165.00)
Color swatch image
Beach Ball Blue (+US$ 165.00)
Color swatch image
Illusion Purple (+US$ 165.00)
Color swatch image
Gold Digger (+US$ 165.00)
Color swatch image
Jamaican Teal (+US$ 165.00)
Color swatch image
Hot Rod Orange (+US$ 165.00)