Replacing Leaking Audi R8 OEM Shocks with SCALE Alpine Series

One common problem with the Audi R8 is the Magnetic Ride shocks leaking prematurely with mileages as low as 8000 miles. The replacement cost from the dealership is overpriced at approximately $8900 USD for four OEM shocks. Instead of replacing one or the entire set and deal with imminent failure again, the most logical solution is to upgrade the entire suspension with a high performance coilover kit such as our Alpine Series with 2 years warranty and high quality components. Also, we can rebuild this suspension in the future if needed.The price for this kit is approximately 1/6th of the dealerships pricing. We did some tests on the track and the suspension is very impressive. You can adjust the dampening with the knob and control the rebound of the suspension. We can also add a custom spring rate that can ride like the OEM suspension or stiffer.Fill this form for a complete quotation including the shipping and we will make our possible to give you the best for your needs.


  • 12 Level adjustable damping
  • Exclusive measurement system
  • Monotube design
  • Molybdenum* rod
  • Adjustable ride height -0.5” to -3.5”
  • Separate ride-height and spring pre-load
  • Forged aluminium parts
  • Anodized & powder coated finish
  • Custom spring rate
  • Fully adjustable
  • Rebuildable


Our patented technology scaled system is designed for an easier installation and to ensure equal height on each corner.

Monotube Design

Benefits of monotube suspension structure.The separation of the gas chamber from the oil chamber provides optimum damping. Damping adjustments are more sensitive with a mono-tube suspension design. The shell case itself works as a cylinder. While not covered by an outer tube, the cylinder is directly exposed to the air, providing much better heat dissipation and preventing the oil from overheating while maintaining high performance.

We're confident in our high-quality products so we're giving you more peace of mind and more bang for your buck!

301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently


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