The Rally Series suspension system includes external nitrogen reservoirs which increase the amount of oil in the suspensions and therefore keep the oil at the proper temperature, Therefore, it prevents changes in the damping due to the extreme driving over a long period of time during a rally. The damping force and fluid are specifically made for off-road rally use. The Rally series system’s cylinders are manufactured with an increased diameter, for McPherson strut-type vehicles, we use a 55mm inverted design, the Rally Series is available in 2 way (separated compression and rebound) and in 3-way (separated low speed, high compression and rebound).

  • 3-Way : (separated low speed, high compression and rebound)
  • 2-Way : Adjustable external nitrogen reservoir (separated compression and rebound)
  • 55mm Inverted Shock Design (Heavy Duty)
  • Damping forces and fluid for rally use.
  • Ride-Height adjustment by the spring perch
  • Forged Steel body with a zinc plated protection
  • Aluminium alloy construction for spring perch and lock rings
  • Swivel banjo hoses for external reservoir
  • Much more.